Interchange – Fall 2009

We’re Listening to You – Annual Session

The Program Committee would like to thank everyone who attended the Baltimore Yearly Meeting Annual Session for being with us. There were 20 more people this year
than last, which was wonderful. If you were not present, please do yourself a favor and plan now to attend next year from 2-8 August 2010 at Frostburg State University
in Frostburg, MD. Judging from the evaluations, everyone had a great time. Here are a few of the comments from the evaluations.

What will you take home with you that has nurtured your spiritual life?

  • A deeper awareness of my Quaker community and our love for each other
  • Fellowship and sense of community: tolerance/acceptance
  • Worship sharing with my grandchildren.
  • A rediscovery of the parables in their historic context
  • I love the youth program, watching my sons grow as Quakers
  • To center more, stop, pay attention, daily spiritual practice

What did you learn about Quaker process and business? How will that be helpful to you?

  • Confirmed that respect and discernment are integral
    parts of the process
  • Humor is important. The process was an example of
    how it can work well
  • Almost learned the need for groundedness and centeredness
  • I learned more about BYM structure and committees.
  • It is a good thing to be reminded of the work many
    people do on behalf of the YM
  • To pause longer and leave time when asking approval of major items like the budget

What will you take back to share with your Monthly Meeting?

  • More clarity about worship and about speaking from the spirit
  • Knowledge about committees/working groups/budget
  • More detail on the work of the Yearly Meeting.
  • Worship sharing can be an important feature of faith.
  • That many Friends Meetings are struggling with the same issues we are

These and many other comments show how you can benefit by attending Annual Session. The Program Committee works very hard throughout the year to bring a meaningful week to all present. Please bring your presence next year! Find someone in your Meeting who attended and ask them about their experience. Better yet, if a young person in your Meeting was there, ask that young person.

Sheila Bach, Clerk, Program Committee

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